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Ten Tips to Save on Groceries

calendar iconPosted: September 27, 2021
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Packing all those school lunches, cooking nightly family dinners and making sure you’re stocked on snacks. It all adds up! If you’re searching for some tips to cut down your grocery bill, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Shop your kitchen first: Have you ever put away your groceries and discovered that you bought duplicate items? Start by checking what food you already have on hand. Maybe you have some noodles in the pantry or chicken breasts in the freezer you could incorporate into your meals for the week.
  2. Stick to your list: Create a weekly menu and determine the ingredients you will need. Write out a paper list or just type a note on your cell phone. By planning ahead, you can avoid spontaneous purchases that you don’t end up using.
  3. Consider ordering: If you have trouble doing mental math as you’re adding items into your grocery cart and find you’re surprised at the total when you get to check out, consider ordering your groceries online and doing a pick-up. That way you can easily see your total and make some adjustments if it’s higher than what you’ve budgeted. Some stores even offer free curbside pick-up.
  4. Try a meatless night: Meat prices can be expensive. Consider going vegetarian one or more nights a week to save a little money. Explore recipes with beans, lentils or tofu to add protein to your meal.
  5. Check out the sales: Before you toss your grocery store’s sales flyer in the recycling, make note of the sales. If you know your family goes through a lot of an item on sale, stock up on it.
  6. Clip the coupons: Make the most of any paper coupons you get, but also investigate if your store has electronic coupons too. Many stores will let you digitally “clip” coupons in their app.
  7. Keep an eye on unit prices: Not sure if it’s more cost effective to buy a big or small pack of toilet paper? Find the best deal by searching for unit prices on the shelf price tag at the store. That will tell you the price per the unit of measurement such as the price per sheet or ounces.
  8. Don’t get too loyal to brands: If you don’t have a strong brand preference on an item, consider buying a different brand than you usually do. Check if going generic or buying an item on sale will make a difference.
  9. Buy in season: Adapt your list to what fruits and vegetables are currently in season. Not only will they be cheaper, they will taste fresher too!
  10. Get cash back: Do your grocery shopping with a Landmark Cash Back Credit Card to get 1.5% unlimited cash back on your purchases or use a Rewards Credit Card to earn points you can redeem for gift cards, travel, merchandise and more.

By being more intentional and planning in advance, you can cut down your grocery bill. Oh, and one more tip—never shop while you’re hungry! It might make you want to throw everything in your cart.

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