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Phone Banking

Phone Banking

Use our free Phone Banking service to check account balances, transfer funds and make loan payments!

How to use Phone Banking

Follow the steps below to access your account information over the phone.

  1. step 1Call (262) 796-4500
  2. step 1Press "4"
  3. step 2Press "1"
  4. step 2Press "1"
  5. step 2 Enter your Social Security Number or Federal ID
  6. step 2 Enter your Access Code

Your Phone Banking Access Code1

For security purposes, you will need an Access Code to make transfers, account inquiries and other transactions within the Phone Banking system.

  • Set up your Access Code: To access your account information for the first time, you’ll need to enter your Social Security Number or Federal ID. Your temporary Access Code is your date of birth. This date must be entered as a two-digit month and a two-digit year. For example, January 1970, would be entered as 0-1-7-0. You will be immediately required to change it.
  • Forgot your Access Code?: If you can’t remember your Access Code or need to change it, please call (262) 796-4500, choose option 4 and then 3 to speak to a Member Service representative.

Helpful Tips

  • When keying in dollar amounts, the last two digits are treated as cents. For example, $100 should be keyed as 10000.
  • You can press 9 any time to go back to the previous menu, press 3 to repeat the current menu, and enter 0 to speak to a Member Service Representative.

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1 You are responsible for the safekeeping of your Access Code provided by the Credit Union and for all transactions by use of the service. You further understand that your Access Code is not transferable and you will not disclose it or permit any unauthorized use of it. If your Access Code is disclosed to anyone other than a joint owner of your account, you will notify the Credit Union immediately and send written confirmation. You understand that you are responsible for any transactions completed by anyone to whom you have disclosed your Access Code.

Routing Number: 275079714
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