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Eager Landmark members rejoice as they witness the surge in benefits from their VIP savings account, embracing the financial uplift.

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Looking to boost your savings or start an emergency fund? Utilize a Landmark VIP savings account to earn dividends on your cash. Whether you are saving for your annual family vacation, an education fund or need additional cash for retirement take advantage of more earning power to reach your financial goals. Have additional questions or want to talk with an expert?

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VIP Savings Account

Secure and convenient, easily access your money and earn dividends with a VIP savings account from Landmark. Open an account with a deposit of $5 and start saving today!

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Dividend Rate




Coverdell ESA - Education Savings Accounts

Put money aside on a regular basis to help finance your family’s education expenses. These funds are spent on qualified education expenses and can be placed in a general savings account, money market account or certificate account.   

Contributions can be made to a child’s ESA until the age of 18; the account must be used by age 30. Visit any of our convenient branch locations to get started.

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Learn About Our Other Savings Options!

  • Certificate Accounts

    Unlock higher earnings with high-rate certificates. Start growing your savings faster by opening a certificate account today!

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  • Health Savings Accounts

    Open a Landmark Health Savings Account (HSA). Pay for qualified medical expenses with no service fees. Free checks & debit card after sign up, schedule an appointment today.

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  • Money Market Accounts

    Discover the flexibility of a money market account for growing your savings. Whether you're saving for a rainy day, education or vacation, explore our competitive rates and start earning.

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5 - APY is Annual Percentage Yield. APY is variable and subject to change. APY is accurate as of 06/13/2024.