Tyme ATM

Although you’ll recognize the familiar TYME® logo, these advanced machines have superior capabilities that will make your banking easier and faster. They can perform many of the tasks that a teller can saving you…well, time. 
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Skip the line with TYME® Advanced ATMs!

  • Withdraw cash in the denominations of your choice ($1, $5, $20, $100)  
  • Deposit multiple denominations of cash  
  • Deposit multiple checks 
  • Deposit a combination of cash and checks in a single transaction 
  • Make loan and credit card payments by transfer, cash or check 
  • Print a statement snapshot 
  • Check account and loan balances 
  • Move money between accounts 
  • Easily request on-demand Virtual Teller assistance 
  • Conduct transactions in English or Spanish 

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Where is the TYME® machine?

Remember asking this question outside of Wisconsin and getting a blank stare? TYME® machines were first developed in Milwaukee, and they were one of the leading shared electronic funds transfer (EFT) networks in the country and were truly innovative. 

Even though they were discontinued in 2004, many Wisconsinites still feel a strong sense of nostalgia when they think about TYME® machines. We brought back TYME®, and it’s better than ever with new, convenient features.