User ID, passwords and access codes

    We require strong login credentials to enhance your security. This includes using alphabetical (case sensitive), numeric and special characters and setting username and password length requirements.  

    We require identity verification in the form of a one-time passcode to login from a new computer or device. The one-time passcode is sent via text or phone call to confirm your identity and protect you from unauthorized login attempts. 
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    SSL and firewalls 

    SSL: or secure socket layer, is technology that protects our website and allows you to enter personal information through a private communication channel that is encrypted. This allows the data to remain secure during transmission. We use the most trusted SSL certificate available, an Extended Validation SSL certificate, which provides an extra layer of protection to you by requiring third-party Certificate Authorities (CA) to follow a strict issuance and management process for certificate approval and delivery. 

    Firewalls: The Internet requires computers to communicate and pass data or "packets" back and forth. Firewalls analyze these data packets and determine whether they should be allowed through. It essentially creates a "wall" between computers to block unwanted or malicious data. Our firewall creates a secure network to ensure a safe and trusted experience on our website. 

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    Detection & monitoring

    Our intrusion detection system monitors our system and network to detect malicious activities or privacy violations to stop an intrusion. This allows us to log and report the incidents for continued security and watch for future threats.
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    Antivirus/malware protection

    Antivirus solutions are designed to prevent, detect, and remove malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, and other forms of threats. Our solution is updated regularly and ensures fraud prevention and early detection of potential threats to keep your information secure.
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    How much money do you have to have to open a checking account? 

    The minimum deposit for a new checking account is $35.