New Survey from Landmark Credit Union Reveals 77% of Wisconsinites want Banking Products to be Easier to Understand*

Posted: October 17, 2023

Landmark Credit Union Banking Made Easy Logo
Landmark agrees and announces brand refresh to match

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (October 17, 2023) – Landmark Credit Union today announced a refreshed, simplified brand look and philosophy that supports the desire for a clearer and more convenient banking experience. Since financial wellness plays an important role in life, Landmark commissioned a survey to learn more about Wisconsinites’ relationship with money and their viewpoint on today’s banking process.* The results suggest Landmark’s “Banking Made Easy” approach will hit the mark for current and future members.

The survey of 500 Wisconsin residents revealed three types of money managers, each characterized by their financial habits:
  • The Trackers (23% of respondents) – As the name suggests, these individuals are highly involved in their finances, with nearly a third indicating they check their account balances multiple times per day and another third checking daily. No surprise that 95% of Trackers were very confident knowing just how much money they spent last month on life’s expenses.
  • The Estimators (60% of respondents) – This group is comfortable estimating approximately how much money is coming in and going out of the household. They are not as concerned as the Trackers about knowing the exact amount. Since an estimate will do, this group checks their account balances two or three times per week and the majority (68.7%) are at least fairly confident in knowing how much they spend on monthly expenses.
  • The Spenders (17% of respondents) – The Spenders take a much looser approach to money management even though approximately 78% indicated their financial situation controls their lives. The majority of this group (nearly 70%) admits to going on spending sprees and more than 30% rarely, if ever, contribute to any form of savings account.
Regardless of the type of money manager, there was a common response when it came to how banking was viewed. The majority of all survey respondents (77%) agreed that banking products should be easier to understand and nearly 64% felt there is a lack of transparency around banking products and services.

"We’ve been providing great rates, low fees and excellent service to members for 90 years and have offerings to help support each style of money manager,” said Brian Melter, chief experience officer of Landmark Credit Union. “We believe everyone should experience and expect more transparent and direct explanations and conversations about financial products. We’ve modernized our technology and related services too – all to deliver a friendlier and easier banking experience. We’ll continue to strive for an easier way to get things done for current and prospective members. After all, the survey confirmed the communities we serve want that too. We are committed to delivering on the ‘Banking Made Easy’ concept and will carry that into the future for our members and associates.”

Put simply, “Banking Made Easy” means less jargon, clearer explanations and quicker processes, like opening a checking account in less than five minutes. It also means there are no hidden account fees and plenty of options to manage finances. All of this and more is available to Landmark Credit Union members, and it’s easy to get started with just $5.

Reflective of its refreshed brand identity, Landmark Credit Union also has an updated logo, a modified color palette, and a new creative campaign and website.

Simplified Logo: The trusted Landmark name is updated within the logo to better represent the simplified approach to the banking experience. And different shades of blue modernize the look.

The Landmark Lighthouse: Also simplified in its look, the lighthouse continues to be a key fixture, representing strength, safety and guidance on a financial journey.

New Website: In addition to the brand evolving, so is the Landmark Credit Union website. In the spirit of “Banking Made Easy,” it’s more user-friendly and transparent, while featuring new information and functionality.

To learn more about Landmark Credit Union and see the updated look, visit the new

About Landmark Credit Union
Founded in 1933, Landmark Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that’s focused on serving its members by delivering lower rates, providing personal service and investing in improved member experiences. Landmark Credit Union has more than $6 billion in total assets, 35 branches, more than 390,000 members and 1,000+ employees. Its branches serve members across 35 counties in Wisconsin. For more information, visit

*Based on survey results conducted with a sample of 500 Wisconsin residents who are the primary financial decision makers. For further citation, please contact [email protected].