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Make the switch to your new Landmark account.

We make it easy to switch your direct deposit and recurring payments from your old checking account to your new Landmark checking account. It's automated, fast, and accessible.

Open a Landmark checking account and then use the ClickSWITCH activation code to begin the process.

You can also switch your direct deposit in Digital Banking online or on the app by going to Accounts > Accounts Switching.

Already have an activation code?

Switch Now
Members using ClickSWITCH can
  • Notify companies of the new account information and update their billing information (utilities, insurance, club memberships, etc.)
  • Transfer direct deposits to their new account
  • Close prior external account(s)
Track your switch progress

Switch Summary

Switch Summary

Provides details about the progress of your requested account switches from your old financial institute to Landmark.

Switch Status

Switch Status

Track and receive confirmation of the completion of your switched accounts to Landmark.

Balance Assist

Balance Assist

Recommends an estimated balance to maintain in your old account until the switch is finalized.

Don’t have an activation code yet?

Visit any branch or call our Member Service Center at (262) 796-4500 to get your activation code and transfer your accounts today!

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