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Cash Management

Your Financial Toolkit

Landmark Credit Union provides secure and easy-to-use tools for your everyday business needs. Easily pay your vendors and employees or receive recurring payments from customers with our ACH program and use our E-Deposit system to submit check deposits from the comfort of your office.

Business Direct Deposit & Automated Payroll

Business ACH Origination Services allow Landmark business members to electronically process recurring transactions such as payroll, direct deposit and automatic payments.

Types of ACH Origination Services Available

Direct Deposit - Employee Payroll

Simply deposit your total payroll at Landmark and the individual paycheck amounts are electronically routed to the financial institution of the employee's choice, anywhere within the US.

Automatic Payments - Recurring Customer Payments

Receive recurring payments, like dues or insurance payments, from your customers electronically. Automatic Payments will pull funds from your customer's account (any US financial institution) and electronically put them into your business account at Landmark.

ACH Application


Hardware Costs Set-up Fee Per ACH File Per Transaction
$0 $50 $5 $.10 to $1.00

Payroll Process of ACH

Landmark’s ACH transactions are processed through Corporate Central Credit Union to the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) system via an electronic file created by the business member or template maintained by Landmark Credit Union. The FRB requires that the file be transmitted to them for processing one to two days before settling to the business' account.

Benefits of ACH

Streamline Operations

Reduce time spent on reconciling, distributing and cashing payroll checks by electronically depositing payroll.

Consistent Payments

Funds are processed in a timely manner and on a consistent basis.

Increase Safety

Reduce fraud by eliminating lost or stolen checks.

Save Money

Reduce money spent on check depositing fees.

File Types

NACHA formatted files: Contains the ACH file and transaction information as specified in the NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines. There are specific identifiers, locations and field lengths that allow the banking system to process the ACH files with utmost accuracy and efficiency. NACHA format export capability is included in some software packages, and there are several software applications that can convert data to the NACHA format.

MS Excel templates: Contains columns for the base data needed for conversion to a NACHA formatted file. The transaction information simply needs to be manually entered in the correct column.

Landmark Maintained Templates (LMT): Contains a minimal number of recurring entries for the same group of recipients that are routinely of a consistent dollar amount and process on a set schedule (condo fees for example). Changes to the entries that are securely submitted by the company are made to the file by Landmark.

Business E-Deposit

Electronically scan deposits into your Landmark Business or Commercial Checking Account, right from your office.

E-Deposit Application


Hardware costs Monthly Service Fee Set-up Fee
$350 (single-check feed machine)
$613 (multiple-check feed machine)
$30 $0


Deposit Anytime

24 hours, 7 days a week, electronically make business deposits from your office.

Reduce Fraud Risks

Quickly identify returned checks, reducing your risk of fraud.

Streamline Operations

Eliminate transportation costs and save time with the convenience of electronically depositing your checks.

Personal Installation & Training

The demo, installation & training will be provided at your office by the Business Department and IT Staff.

Additional Business Services

Additional business services are available at Landmark to help your business be more efficient, reduce costs and earn more on your savings. Contact us to find out more:

  • Digital and Mobile Banking
  • E-statements
  • Wealth Management, Retirement Planning and Life Insurance
  • Sweep and Zero-Balance Accounts
  • 24-Hour Telephone Banking
  • Business Bill Pay
  • Other Merchant Services

Employee Benefits

Your employees get the opportunity to become a member of a financial cooperative that makes their money work harder for them!

  • Free checking
  • First box of Landmark checks is free
  • Free consultation for investments, retirement, estates and college planning and tax-advantaged investing
  • Landmark representatives focused on meeting your employees’ financial needs

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