Text and Email Scams

Posted: February 23, 2022

A member at home gazes at their phone, contemplating whether the message they received might be a scam or not.

Our security team at Landmark Credit Union is constantly monitoring current fraud and scam methods to help protect our members. We recently became aware of a new scam over text and email that appears to be coming from Landmark Credit Union or Landmark Member Services.

You may receive a text message or an email asking you to view a secure message from Landmark Credit Union through an embedded link. Landmark Credit Union will never send an unsolicited text message or email requesting you to click a link and enter personally identifiable information or other secure credentials such as usernames, passwords, one-time use passcodes or PINs. A scammer may also call over the phone and ask you to share information you receive via text or email. Do not open, respond to or answer these inquiries.

What should I do if I received a scam message and clicked the link?

  • Reset: You should reset your username and password immediately. Log into Digital Banking or the Mobile App and click on “My Settings” to change your username and password. If you are using the Mobile App, click the “More” menu on the bottom right corner of the main accounts page. You can then tap the gear icon at the top of the “More” menu to access the settings screen.
  • Verify: While visiting “My Settings,” verify that none of your other personal information or security settings have been changed like your email address or mobile phone number.
  • Check: Check your device to ensure no new apps have been installed.
  • Contact: Call us at 1-(262) 796-4500 if you need assistance or received any messages like the ones described above.

How can I protect myself from potential scams?

  • Use secure websites: Make sure you are always using secure websites. Do not click on links provided in unsolicited text messages or emails, especially if they are requesting private information. It is always safest to go directly to Landmark Credit Union’s website by typing https://landmarkcu.com/ into your browser.
  • Avoid third-party apps: Landmark Credit Union will never send you messages or require you to download a third-party application that allows access to your device or asks for your private security credentials. If you receive something like this, clicking on these links or providing the requested information could allow someone to gain access to your accounts online and move money without you knowing.
  • Contact Landmark with questions: Do not respond to any messages asking for information to re-activate an account, card or online access. If you have any questions concerning the ability to use your accounts, cards, or online access, please contact us directly at 1-(262) 796-4500 or by sending us a Secure Message through Digital Banking.