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So You Want to Buy a House. Now what?

calendar iconPosted: May 1, 2019
Maybe you need more space, or you’re tired of paying rent. Regardless of the reason, purchasing a piece of real estate is one of the biggest yet most exciting decisions you’ll make. Before you start sampling color swatches for your new kitchen, there are a few questions to ask yourself before you find the house that will become your home.

I Live Paycheck to Paycheck. How Can I Begin to Save?

calendar iconPosted: March 14, 2019
You’re paying your bills, putting food on the table and doing just about everything you can to meet your most basic needs, yet you feel like you’re just barely scraping by month after month. It’s difficult to imagine a way to begin saving when you’re constantly waiting for your next paycheck. Although they can be difficult to build, savings accounts are necessary for your financial security. Even if you’re already spending the bare minimum, there are still a few small ways you can start building up a savings account today.

Emergency Funds: What Are They and Why Do I Need One?

calendar iconPosted: January 1, 2019
At Landmark, we’re constantly working to provide our members with products that help them save money for the things that really matter. Normally, we’re referring to having more money for things like buying a house, paying a child’s tuition or stashing money away for retirement. These are all important things to save for, but what about saving money for emergencies?
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