Automated Account Access

With a single call you can have access to your account information and even complete some transactions. Call for an access code today!

Automated Account Access Features:

  • It's Free
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds from one Landmark account to another
  • Confirm checks have cleared
  • Make loan payments
  • Confirm account activity, and more




   Milwaukee Metro




   Beaver Dam

Toll Free


Once enrolled with an access code, use these quick prompts:

Press “1” to enter the Automated Account Access System

Press “1” again to access your accounts

Provide your member number & access code


Access Code

You choose your own confidential access code insuring your privacy. This code allows you access to your accounts, 24-hours a day, via touch tone phone. If you don't know whether or not you have an access code or would like to set-up your Automated Account Access System and create one, please call us at 262-796-4500. If you would like to change your access code, please refer to the Commonly Used Codes - Miscellaneous Codes section.

Helpful Tips:

You will need to know your member number and account numbers. Your account number can be found on your statement.

Your account number is different than you member number. Account numbers are a maximum of 3 digits long.

When keying in dollar amounts, remember the last two digits are treated as cents. Example: $100 should be keyed as 10000.

Commonly Used Codes

Account Balance Codes

  • Checking Account Balance1,1,1
  • Savings Account Balance1,1,2
  • Other Account Balances1,1,3

Same Member Number Transfers

  • Savings to Checking Transfer2,2,1
  • Checking to Savings Transfer2,2,2
  • Loan to Checking Transfer2,2,3
  • Loan to Savings Transfer2,2,4
  • Other Account to Checking Transfer2,2,5

Account Information

  • List of Deposits1,2,1
  • List of Withdrawals1,2,2
  • Electronic Withdrawals1,2,4
  • Dividends Earned Year-to-Date1,2,3
  • Account Activity1,2,4

Cross Member Transfers*

  • Transfer TO your Membership2,3,1
  • Transfer FROM your Membership2,3,2

*Requires additional signature card; please contact us

Loan Payments

  • Payment from Checking2,1,1
  • Payment from Savings2,1,2
  • Payment from another account2,1,3
  • Dividends Earned Year-to-Date1,2,3


  • Access Different Member Number3,1
  • Previous Menu*
  • Repeat Last Response9
  • Member Service Specialist0
  • Change Personal Access Code3,2

Cleared Checks

  • List of Checks Cleared1,3,1
  • Specific Checks Cleared1,3,2