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Preparing for your visit

Things to Know for Your Appointment

Please view our guidelines prior to arriving for your appointment. A mask and proper ID are required for all branch lobby and curbside services. If you are feeling ill in any way, please reschedule your appointment.

Branch Lobby Appointment

When arriving for your appointment, you may be asked to use our branch waitlist system. This helps us maintain the appropriate capacity and distance requirements.

How the branch waitlist system works

  1. Park in a designated “Branch Lobby Waitlist” spot
  2. Follow the instructions on the sign to check in online or via text message
  3. Track your spot in line while you wait in the comfort of your vehicle
  4. You’ll receive a notification when it’s your turn to enter the branch lobby

Can’t use your phone to check in? Enter the lobby to get a pager, and then return to your vehicle. Your pager will alert you once it’s your turn to be assisted.

What if the branch lobby waitlist system is not in use

If you arrive at the branch and don't see the branch lobby waitlist signs out, please follow the steps found below.

  • Come to the front entrance wearing a mask or face covering and your ID ready
  • A branch associate will welcome you and verify your ID
  • The associate may ask you to remove or lower your mask to verify your identity
  • The associate will welcome you into the branch, maintaining appropriate social distancing
  • Once inside the lobby, the associate will direct you to an office where you’ll be seated behind a plexiglass safety barrier

Please note only those parties/signers involved in the transaction may enter.

Branch Curbside Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, please note the following:

  • Pull into a parking spot directly outside the main entrance and please wear a mask
  • At your appointed time, a branch associate will come to your car and ask to see your ID
  • The associate may ask you to remove or lower your mask to verify your ID
  • Using a clipboard, the associate will provide or request the required documents along with a complimentary Landmark pen.
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