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people using popmoney to pay for dinner


Pay people with Popmoney.

Now you don’t need to write a check or carry cash to pay people. Popmoney is the quick, simple and secure way to electronically transfer funds to another person. No need to exchange account numbers, transfers can be initiated using only a phone number or email address. Below are the benefits of using Popmoney:

  • Avoid the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks
  • Keep information private with no need to exchange account numbers
  • Secure online transactions within your password protected account

How to Enroll in Popmoney

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click the "Move Money" tab from the main navigation
  3. Click "Pay People" to begin the Popmoney enrollment process

How to Use Popmoney

  1. Enter the recipient’s name, email address and/or cellphone number and the dollar amount
  2. An email or text message automatically notifies the recipient
  3. The recipient securely enters an account number online

That’s it — then the money is deposited directly into the account that the recipient chooses! It’s secure, simple and so appreciated.

Watch our online Popmoney demo for additional information

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