Money Management

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Budgeting For A Brighter Future

Truly analyze your overall financial picture from one location. Money Management is free with any Landmark account.

Manage all your financial accounts in one place.



View your Landmark accounts and accounts from all other financials together inside Online Banking.


Every transaction is automatically categorized so you can spend smarter.


Understand the relative health of your budgets instantly.


A visualization of spending over time divided into categories.

Enrollment for Money Management (As of March 20th)

Step 1

Login to Online Banking.

Locate Manage Money from the main navigation tab and select Money Management.

Read the Terms & Conditions, click I Accept.

Money Management Upgrade for FinanceWorks

Effective Tuesday, March 20, we made a change to the personal finance tool available within Landmark’s online banking. FinanceWorks, our existing program, has been replaced with a new tool - Money Management. This is part of our ongoing effort to make managing all of your accounts more convenient and secure.

As part of the switch, you will need to do the following:

  • Re-enter your credentials for linked non-Landmark accounts
  • Set up optional text alerts
  • Set your budget and goals

Many of the existing FinanceWorks features will continue to be available in Money Management, but with a new look and feel. Plus, there are a variety of new features for you to enjoy:

  • Improved account aggregation and updates 
  • The ability to set financial goals for debt payoffs, savings and retirement
  • Debt payoff forecasting
  • Text alerts
  • Cash flow calendar

What is included in the migration?

  • Active users in the past 18 months
  • Aggregated accounts with 18 months of history

What is not included in the migration?

  • Login credentials are not migrating for security reasons.
  • Transaction categories will not be migrated, instead allowing the Money Management auto-categorization processes to correctly categorize transactions with more accuracy.
  • Budgets will not be migrated, instead allowing you to use the one-click automatic generation of budgets based on the improved transaction categorization.
  • Alerts will not be migrated, but you can easily setup both email and SMS text alerts within Money Management.
  • Goals will not be migrated, instead replaced with Debt Payoff goals and Savings/Retirement goals.
  • Tax Watch is being replaced with broader categorization reporting that includes not only charitable donations and child care expenses, but every other category as well.
  • Business Income & Expense Tax Report will not be migrated. The information can still be found by exporting data and using filters and categories within Money Management.

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