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Credit Hub

Monitor your credit score daily!

Stay on top of your credit with Credit Hub, powered by SavvyMoney, a free tool available to Landmark members within Online Banking and our Mobile App.

Stay up-to-date with Credit Hub

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Free daily credit score

Refresh your score every 24 hours! Checking your credit score through Credit Hub, powered by Savvymoney, will not impact your score because it’s a soft inquiry.

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Full credit report

Find all the information listed on your credit file including current or previous loans, accounts and credit inquiries. You can also see details on your payment history, credit utilization and public records that show up on your account.

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Credit monitoring alerts

Get notifications over email any time there is a significant change to your credit score or activity. It's a helpful way to keep an eye out for identity theft.

Make a move to improve your credit score

woman with phone and credit simulator

Score Simulator

Use the Score Simulator to test out actions to see how your score could be affected. Different actions, like paying off a credit card balance, might make your score move up or down.

Credit Tips

Grow your knowledge to build your credit! With Credit Hub, you’ll have access to tips and articles on credit and lending.

Get started with Credit Hub!

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Online Banking

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Locate the “Credit Hub” widget and click “Show my Score”.
  3. Accept disclosures when prompted.1
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Mobile App

  1. Log into Mobile App.
  2. Click "Credit Hub" in bottom navigation.
  3. Click "Continue" button and accept disclosures when prompted.1

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1 If you accept the terms and conditions AND you shared login credentials with your joint account owner, spouse, friend or family member, that person will be able to view your credit score and report information.

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