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Member Number Help

Looking for your member number?

Everyone who has an account with Landmark Credit Union, even if it's only a single vehicle loan or mortgage loan, has a member number with us. A member number is assigned to you when your account is opened to establish membership with Landmark Credit Union. We use your member number to identify you when you request transactions and view the different types of services you are receiving with Landmark.

Where can I find my member number?

Depending on how you became a member of Landmark Credit Union, the location of your member number will vary. Please choose your initial membership method from the selection below to learn more.

Opened Account at a Branch

Please refer to the membership card that was given to you after opening an account in person. Please see example of membership card below.

Sample Membership Card
Applied for an Auto Loan at a Dealership

Please refer to the welcome letter containing details on your first auto loan payment. Your member number can be found in the top right corner of your welcome letter as the “Member/Acct Number”. The member number as displayed on the sample letter below would be 12345678.

Vehicle Loan Welcome Letter
  indirect welcome letter

You could also find your member number on your first loan payment coupon. Please refer to the Auto Loan Coupon example below for details.

Auto Loan Coupon
vehicle loan coupon example
Former Credit Union Merger

Please refer to the Account Access Method page of your Merger Notification letter for details regarding any changes to your membership number. Please see sample document below.

former credit union merger example

IMPORTANT NOTE: Member numbers were assigned according to former account ownership. Individual accounts would have a different member number than joint accounts.

Applied for a Mortgage

Please refer to the initial welcome letter containing your first loan coupon. The member number can be found in the upper right corner of the letter. Please see the sample document below.

mortgage letter
Opened an Account Online

Please refer to the Welcome letter, containing your membership card, that was mailed to your after completing the online application. Please see example of membership card below.

Sample Membership Card

If you applied for a savings, checking or certificate account online. You can also log in to your account application, to view your member number.

Already enrolled in Online Banking?

If you're already enrolled in Online Banking and looking for your member number. You can find it by logging into your Online Banking account or Mobile App.

Find Member Number in Online Banking
  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Click on "My Settings" at the upper-right corner of the page
  3. You can find your member underneath your name in the "Personal Information" section. It is displayed as “ID.”
Find Member Number in Mobile App
  1. Log in to your Landmark mobile app.
  2. Tap the "More" icon (with three dots) in the lower-right corner of the bottom menu.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner. This will open the "Settings" menu screen.
  4. Tap the first option labeled "My Settings"
  5. You can find your member underneath your name in the "Personal Information" section. It is displayed as “ID.”

What if I lost my member number?

If you've misplaced your paperwork referencing your member number, please use the directions above to locate it through Online Banking or in the Landmark mobile app. You may also get it by visiting your local Landmark Credit Union branch with your photo ID. For your security, we are unable to email your member number to you or release the number over the telephone.

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