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Fee Schedule

Lower fees. See for yourself.

This schedule is incorporated as a part of Landmark’s Account Agreement.

Checking & Money Market Accounts

Account Research (per hour - minimum 1 hour) $30.00
Account reconciliation (per hour - minimum 1 hour) $30.00
Copy of check/draft $5.00
Money market when below minimum balance $10.00
Overdraft protection transfer $5.001
Returned check, paid overdraft, premium overdraft (per item) $30.001
Stop Payment (per item or range of items) $28.00

ATM and Card Fees

ATM Empty Envelope $50.00
ATM withdrawals (12 free per month - each after) $2.002
ATM/Debit Replacement Card $6.00
International ATM/Debit is 1% of transaction amount plus a currency conversion fee

Other Fees

Account closing fee (closed within 90 days) $20.00
Copy of statement $6.00
Cashier's check (1 free per day - after) $3.00
Cashier's check, voided $11.00
Deposited item returned $30.00
Deposited foreign item returned $50.00
Dormant account (after one year, annually) $60.00
Foreign Check - Canadian $25.00
Foreign check - all others $40.00
Garnishment and levies $35.00
History print out $5.00
Inactive account (after one year, monthly) $5.00
Money Order $4.00
Pay by phone payments $10.00
Returned statement (incorrect address) $5.00
Safe deposit box, size and market varies
Safe deposit box drilling fee (market minimum) $150.00
Safe deposit box key replacement $21.00
Safe deposit box late fee $16.00
Visa® Gift Cards $3.00
Visa® TravelMoney Cards $5.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming Domestic/Foreign $10.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Domestic $20.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Foreign $75.00
Wire Transfer - Trace $35.00

Additional Business Fees

Uncollected funds usage Prime+2%
Cash Advance fee for Non-LCU Debit & Credit Card advances (1% of cash advance) minimum $10.00
Check Collection Fee $25.00
Night deposit bag (locked) $20.00
Ordered rolled coin (per roll) $.12
Ordered currency (per strap) $.60

Commercial Checking Fees

For commercial checking, the following per item fees apply, which may be offset by the monthly earnings credit.

ACH Credits and Debits (per item or combined transaction) $.10
Checks Written (per check) $.20
Deposited Items (per item or combined transaction) $.10
Monthly Maintenance Fee $10.00

Certain other general fees are not analyzed based upon monthly earnings credit and may be charged against a commercial checking account.

1 Fee applies when overdraft is created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. Opt-in for overdraft service may be required. Multiple fees may be charged if you execute multiple transactions, such as balance inquiry and then a withdrawal. You may be charged a fee each time a transaction is submitted for payment, even if the same transaction is submitted for payment multiple times. See Account Agreement for details.

2 ATM owners surcharge fee may also apply.

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