Summer Prep Checklist

home in summer

Spring has finally arrived along with the promise of warmer weather! With the Polar Vortex behind us, there’s a good chance you’re ready to start preparing your home for outdoor activities. Whether it’s upgrading your lawn or making sure you can efficiently keep your home cool, there are a few things we recommend checking out now before summer starts to heat up.

Check in on your air conditioner

The last thing you want is blistering heat and a broken air conditioner. If you haven’t done this already, change your system’s filter so you’ll have clean, crisp air cooling your home. After you’ve changed the filter, let it run for a while. Be sure to move furniture away from vents and feel the air coming from them. If you’re noticing that it’s taking a while for the air to come on or it doesn’t feel as cold as it did last summer, you may want to call a professional and have them look at it.

Inspect the roof

Our roofs can take a beating from all of the heavy snow and ice that accumulates throughout the harsh winter months. Carefully inspect your roof for any sagging, holes or other damage it may have experienced. This way, you can get an idea if you’ll need to re-shingle your roof or patch up any holes to prevent flooding or damage to your home’s interior.

Check the attic

If you did have damage or a hole in your roof, you’ll want to inspect your attic for any mold or animals that may have wormed their way inside during the winter months. Be sure to wear clothing that covers your skin and a dust mask in case of any harmful mold or animal droppings you could come in contact with. Take a peek at your insulation to see if there are any spots that have compacted and need to be replaced. Make sure to check your attic sooner rather than later before it becomes too hot in the attic.

Test outdoor plumbing

Your hoses were stored away and outdoor water valves were shut off all winter. Time to turn your outdoor faucets on and check the water pressure. If the water isn’t flowing as it should, you may need to call a plumber to check for any pipe problems. Roll out your hoses and check your outdoor sprinklers to make sure those are all still performing at their best. This way, you can have any problems fixed before the heat has a chance to scorch your lawn.

Tune up outdoor appliances

There’s a good chance your lawn mower has been sitting in the garage or toolshed since fall. Wheel it out and give it a good once-over. Repair broken parts and replace the oil or any gas that wasn’t emptied out prior to winter. Be sure to sharpen the blades on your mower and trimmers to efficiently manage your lawn this summer.

Check your deck

Scan your deck for any loose boards or warped wood. This way, you can replace these before bringing out deck furniture and entertaining guests. If the wood staining is looking splotchy or completely gone in certain areas, it may be time to re-stain the deck as well.

After a long winter, we’re ready to make the most of the warmer months. By checking over your home and outdoor appliances, you can be sure that your home is ready too.

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