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Stop Payment Policy

By clicking the box below, I hereby acknowledge and agree that I am requesting that Landmark Credit Union place a stop payment on the check(s) identified above unless Landmark has already paid, certified, certified or accepted the check(s) identified. I understand that the following terms and conditions apply to this stop payment request (“Request”).

Check Information: I am solely responsible for the submission of the information necessary for Landmark Credit Union to process this Request. In order to process my Request Landmark Credit Union will require some or all of the following information: the check number or range of numbers, the check amount or amounts, the payee name(s) and/or the date on the check. Landmark Credit shall not be responsible for stopping payment or any losses or damages I may incur as a result of my failing to provide correct or complete information.

Fee: A stop payment fee as specified in the current Fee Schedule of $28.00 will be deducted from my account for the processing of this Request. This fee will apply per Request.

Timing: This Request will take effect in one (1) business day. It is my responsibility to determine whether the check(s) have cleared my account the first business day after I made this Request.

Term: This Request will remain in effect for SIX MONTHS from the date it is submitted unless I cancel or renew my Request.

Renewal: It is my sole responsibility to request the renewal of this Request prior to its expiration. A fee will apply.

ACH Submission: The business or entity to which the check(s) is/are payable may submit the original check or resubmit a returned check via the electronic ACH system; this transaction will NOT be stopped automatically. I am solely responsible for monitoring my account and notifying Landmark Credit Union in the event this transaction occurs.

Limitation of Liability: Landmark Credit Union will not be liable for any payment of the check contrary to this Request unless payment is caused by Landmark Credit Union’s negligence and causes actual loss to me. Landmark Credit Union’s liability shall not, in any event, exceed the amount of any check paid despite this Request. I agree to reimburse Landmark Credit Union for any loss it sustains in honoring this Request.

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