VISA® Debit Card

Use your VISA® Debit Card as a secure and convenient way to pay for all your purchases. Access your cash fee-free at over 4,500 ATM’s on the Alliance One® network.


  • 12 Free ATM withdrawals per month
  • Easy to use – more readily accepted than checks (especially out of state or in another country)
  • Great for travel – frees you from carrying large amounts of cash
  • Mobile Payments - Easily make payments in store or within apps with a simple touch - the easy, secure, and private way to pay. 
  • Visa Checkout® - Simplify online payments - the simple, fast, and secure way to pay online. 


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travelTraveling with your debit card?

With our improved fraud detection from Landmark and Visa®, you no longer have to call when you’re traveling within the United States. It is still recommended that you notify us when you’re traveling internationally.

Note that, wherever you’re traveling, we’ll continue to monitor your account for suspicious activity, and get in touch with you immediately to verify transactions.

To ensure that your transactions are completed securely, use your Landmark chip cards for all transactions. Cards with chip technology provide better security and faster transaction completion so you can confidentially use your card in your travels.