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Tax Information 2019

2019 Tax Information

It's tax time! In order to best serve our members during the upcoming tax season, we've compiled some commonly requested information.

Tax Forms

Form Name Received For Mailed By Online1
1098 Home Equity or Mortgage loan interest paid January 31st
1099-S Gross proceeds from the sale or exchange of real estate January 31st
1099-Int Dividends earned on deposit accounts January 31st
1099-R IRA distributions January 31st  
1099-SA HSA distributions January 31st  
1099-Q Coverdell Education Savings account distributions January 31st  
5498 IRA contributions and rollovers May 31st  
5498-SA HSA contributions and rollovers May 31st  
5498-ESA Coverdell Educational Savings account contributions and rollovers May 31st  
  • If total interest on your mortgage(s) in 2019 is less than $100, a 1098 will not be issued
  • If total dividends on your account(s) in 2019 is less than $10, a 1099 will not be issued
  • Your December 2019 statement provides the total mortgage interest paid and dividends earned year to date (YTD)

Direct Deposit Refunds

Two pieces of information are needed to set up direct deposit into your Landmark account for your tax refund.

  1. Routing Number: 275079714
  2. Account Number
  3. Location of your account number:
    • Online Banking
      1. Log into Online Banking
      2. Click on the account name listed under "My Accounts" (left hand column)
      3. Click on "See Account Details"
      4. The ACH number is your account number for direct deposit
    • Your printed checks
      1. Refer to the numbers across the bottom of the check
      2. From left to right, locate the routing number, 275079714
      3. Your account number will be the next set of 10 digits to the right of the routing number
    • General format (not in all cases2)
      • Your account number generally is your membership number followed by the sub-account suffix in a two digit format
      • Example:
      • Member Number: 1234567
      • Checking Sub-Account Number: 2
      • Account Number: 123456702
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