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How to Go Green Without Sacrificing Your Budget

calendar iconPosted: September 1, 2019
eco-friendly family home

Between biodegradable pet waste bags and smart thermostats, we’ve come a long way in creating and adopting eco-friendly practices. While replacing everyday items with their eco-friendly alternatives is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, these alternatives may not be very budget-friendly. Going green doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Here are some cheap and equally green options you can add to your everyday routine.

Turn Things Off

This one is incredibly simple. Leaving your room? Turn the light off. Walking around the house while you brush your teeth? Turn the water off. The same goes for unplugging unused appliances, especially since these are actually still using energy even when they’re not turned on. By turning things off and unplugging unused items, you’re making a dent in your carbon footprint and a difference in your energy bill.

Adjust Your Blinds

Have you ever come home on a summer day and your house feels like it’s boiling hot despite having the AC on? If you leave your blinds open during the day, light is pouring in through the windows and heating your home. In the summer months, close your blinds to help keep your home cool during the day. In the winter months, keep your blinds open to naturally heat your home.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Make sure you don’t have heavy pieces of furniture blocking air vents. This blocks air flow and prohibits heating or cooling rooms properly. Avoid placing lamps or any sort of lighting right next to your thermostat. Lights can give off enough heat to skew the actual temperature of your room, confusing your thermostat.

Buy Second-Hand Items

There is already so much stuff being mass produced every single day only to find its way to a landfill without ever being used. Instead of buying every single item brand new, try your hand at thrifting. Whether its some new-to-you furniture for your home or Halloween costumes for your kids, try buying these items second-hand. You’ll save a few bucks while also giving a new life to an older item.

Combine your errands into one trip

Instead of making multiple trips throughout the week, try getting a good portion of your errands done in one trip. Get your grocery shopping done, pick up your prescriptions and return your library books all on your way home from work. You’ll be saving yourself time and money spent on gas all while helping the environment.

Pay Your Bills Online

If you aren’t doing this already, start paying your bills online. It frees up your time, saves you money on postage and you’ll eliminate paper waste. Paying your bills online is easier and reduces the risk of having sensitive information stolen from your mailbox. Want to pay all of your bills in the same place? Use our Bill Pay option where you can pay all of your bills within Landmark’s Online or Mobile Banking.

There are so many ways you can incorporate sustainable products and habits into your daily routine. By making a few small adjustments within your own home, you can start the process of going green without spending all of your green.

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