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The Top Five Reasons Your Teen Should Get a Summer Job

calendar iconPosted: May 31, 2022
teen working at grocery store

Whether they want to be a camp lifeguard, scoop ice cream or mow lawns, your teen can get more than just a paycheck out of a summer job.

1. Practice interviewing

Learning how to make a good first impression during an interview will serve them well throughout their career. Applying for summer jobs will give them their first experience thinking on their feet as they answer questions and try to establish a rapport.

2. Build a resume

Even if their first job isn’t very glamorous, your teen will be able to tout some essential skills they learned such as customer service, problem-solving or time management. This will help them start building their resume and land their next gig like a college internship.

3. Gain confidence

When they successfully console a homesick camper or keep their cool while they serve a long line of hungry customers, it can boost their self-esteem. They will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

4. Meet new friends

If your teen is a bit shy, a summer job can be a great place for them to develop their social skills and make new friends outside of their school.

5. Earn money

And yes, earning money is probably going to be the biggest motivator for your teen to get a summer job. It will teach them the value of hard work. You can help them think through how they want to use their earnings. Do they want some spending money to use at the mall and movies with their friends? Or do they want to save for a bigger goal like a car or college?

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